40 Exceptional Photographs

Our 40th Anniversary Show

Welcome to our 40th Anniversary Show. This is a selection of 40 personal favorites, both old and new, chosen by the gallery's owner, Ben Breard.

He opened the gallery in the fall of 1971, making Afterimage Gallery one of the oldest art galleries in the world devoted exclusively to photography. The gallery began with only area photographers and within two years started exhibiting nationally known people. In 1973, Afterimage Gallery had a large Ansel Adams show of which his famous Moonrise photograph was a prominent part. At the time a 16 x 20 inch print sold for $250.00. Today it would be worth over $50,000.00! Since then the gallery has shown many of the biggest names in the field, like Wynn Bullock, Harry Callahan, Robert Frank, Eliot Porter and Edward Weston.

Also over the years the gallery has had a commitment to exhibit lesser known, up-and-coming photographers, and quite a few are in this show. Although Afterimage Gallery has a long history locally, since the late 1990s, it has been a strong presence on the internet. A large percentage of the gallery's sales are from its website which is viewed by a million visitors a year.

Please click on the thumbnails below for titles, prices and sizes.
Observations by Ben Breard are also included.

Michael Massaia, Central Park 2.1
Michael Massaia
Paul Greenberg, Post No Dreams
Paul Greenberg
Ben Breard, Birds, Syracuse
Ben Breard
Ansel Adams, Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico
Ansel Adams
David Donovan, the day after the dance
David Donovan
John Sexton, Rock Shoreline, Pemaquid Point
John Sexton
Elliott McDowell, Moonrise over Rolls Royce
Elliott McDowell
Carolyn Brown, The Sweeper, Temple of Karnak
Carolyn Brown
Walter W. Nelson, Sunflower with Ocotillos
Walter W. Nelson
Mark Citret, At Gouldings
Mark Citret
Chris Regas, Sojourners
Chris Regas
Peter A. Calvin, Barbershop, Mexico
Peter A. Calvin
Stephen DiRado, Comet Hale-Bopp
Stephen DiRado
Brian Kosoff, Tree, Lake Superior
Brian Kosoff
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Memories of Two
Angela Bacon-Kidwell
Charles Kruvand, Tornillo Creek and the Rio Grande
Charles Kruvand
Frank Welch, Left Bank Cheese Vendor
Frank Welch
MK Simqu Foltz, Tube City Barbershop
MK Simqu Foltz
Wynn Bullock, Navigation without Numbers
Wynn Bullock
Terry Falke, Fry Canyon
Terry Falke
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