40 Exceptional Photographs, Page Two

Our 40th Anniversary Show

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Observations by Ben Breard are also included.

David J. Osborn, Naunton, England
David J. Osborn
William Lesch, Day and Night Panorama of Tucson
William Lesch
Bruce Barnbaum, Circular Chimney
Bruce Barnbaum
Jeffrey Gusky, Roofless Splendor
Jeffrey Gusky
Eliot Porter, Path in Woods
Eliot Porter
Yousef Karsh, Sir Winston Churchill
Yousef Karsh
Arnold Newman, Picasso
Arnold Newman
O. Rufus Lovett, MaMa's Dress
O Rufus Lovett
Bob Gomel, Malcolm Quiets Ali
Bob Gomel
Jenny Ellerbe, Hightailing It
Jenny Ellerbe
Ruth Orkin, Man in Rain
Ruth Orkin
Ferne Koch, Place de L'Opera (SOLD)
Ferne Koch
Ron Evans, La Bare Club
Ron Evans
Geoff Winningham, Watching the Great Wallenda
Geoff Winningham
Willy Ronis, Calle della Bissa, Venise
Willy Ronis
John Ward, Lewis Lake
John Ward
George Tice, Petit's Mobil Station
Geroge Tice
Peter Feresten, Stockyards Shorty's Mural, June's Lounge
Peter Feresten

E.S. Dunshee, Sarah Lawrence
E.S. Dunshee
Mitch Dobrowner, Civilization
Mitch Dobrowner

Greg Dimijian, Zera Herd in Serengeti
Greg Dimijian

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