A Separate Collection

Below is a collection of various interesting images. Some are not viewable on the rest of the site, some don't fit my usual categories, some are by lesser known photographers, some are rare and highly collectible, some are discounted from their retail or market value and some I simply want to bring to your attention. At any rate, check this page out from time to time. If you see something you want to order, go to our Purchase Page, and if you have questions or want to see a larger jpeg, feel free to email us or call us (214-871-9140  /  877-868-5462).

Horace Bristol, Joad Family

Horace Bristol (1908-1997): Joad Family Applying for Relief, 1938
One of LIFE's founding photographers, he photographed in California with John Steinbeck. This is a 14 x 11 print, signed on the verso: $8,500.

George Tice, Explosion

George Tice (b. 1938): Explosion aboard the U.S.S. Wasp, 1959
Tice has just announced the production of three classic prints in exquisite platinum/palladium. This is the first photograph that a museum collected from Tice, and it just happened to be The Museum of Modern Art. The photograph was chosen by Edward Steichen, and Tice was 20 years old, photographing since he was 14. This print is on 14 x 11 inch paper and is priced at $4,000, which is reasonable considering Tice's renown, combined with this laborious printing method.

George Tice, Esso Station

George Tice (b. 1938): Esso Station and Tenement House, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1972
This one is an excellent example of his early "urban landscape" work. Platinum/palladum print on 14 x 11 inch paper: 4,000.

George Tice, Landscape at Sunset

George Tice (b. 1938): Landscape at Sunset, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1965
This lovely minimalist image was made during his early work in the Amish country. Platinum/palladum print on 14 x 11 inch paper: 4,000.

Terry Falke, Bird Refuge

Terry Falke (b. 1950): Bird Refuge on a Dying Sea, Salton Sea, California, 1991
This is perhaps Falke's best selling photograph, a deceptively beautiful scene of a highly polluted body of water. 18 x 22, color coupler print, $1,250.

David Osborn, Castlerigg

David Osborn (b. 1961): Castlerigg Stone Circle, June, 2014
A wonderful image by English photographer Osborn. It's printed on 18 x 24 Canson 310gsm Platine paper, image size 13 x 20 inches: $750 + matting and shipping.

William Garnett, Train Crossing Desert

William Garnett (1916-2006): Train Crossing Desert, Kelso, California, 1975
Garnett is perhaps the greatest aerial photographer of the 20th Century. This print is on 11 x 14 inch paper and has brilliant tonalities. The print is signed and priced at $24,000. Only about a dozen are extant.

KristineDunes.jpg - 56954 Bytes

Lisa Kristine (b. 1965): Dunes, 2005
Kristine is known for her humanitarian photographs, and she has some TED talks online. The edition of this print is long sold out, with the last ones going for near $10,000, as I understand it. Edition size is 40/50, and image size is 18 x 24. The consignor's price is only $1,600 .

Eliot Porter, Trunks of Maple and Birch

Eliot Porter (1901-1990): Trunks of maple and birch with oak leaves, Passaconaway Road, New Hampshire, October 7, 1956
This is a beautiful dye transfer print, signed on the recto. It's from his Intimate Landscapes portfolio, in an edition of 250. Image size is 13 x 10. This is a very popular print and often hard to find because the Metropolitan Museum made a poster of it. The price is $4,000.

Bill Brandt, Corner Table

Bill Brandt (1904-1983): Corner Table at Charlie Brown's, 1945
This is a 9 x 8 rare vintage print with the artist's stamp on the verso: $22,000.

Elliott McDowell, Fleetwood

Elliott McDowell (b. 1948): Fleetwood, New Mexico, 1976
Simply a cool image! 12 x 12 image size, archival pigment print: $650. See more on his pages.

Christopher Burkett, Pink Floating Leaves

Christopher Burkett (b. 1951): Pink Floating Leaves, Kentucky
Ilfochrome print, signed, 15 x 19, matted to 24 x 27 (comes with beautiful collector's book, Seasons by Robert Frost, photographs by Christopher Burkett (#49/200): $2,000 or more market value, but priced at $1,800.

Gary Bishop, Jesse Jackson's Captive Audience

Gary Bishop (b. 1944): Jesse Jackson's Captive Audience, Dallas, Texas, 1970
Bishop is a superb documentary photographer. See more on his pages. Archival pigment print, image size 11 x 17: $750.

moholy-nagy.jpg - 38094 Bytes

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (1903-1971): Jealousy, 1924-27
This is one of his best known photo-collages. It is signed on the back by daughter Hattula Noholy-Nagy and dated 1995. The price is $3,000, and this print is quite rare.

Dmitri Baltermants, Grief

Dmitri Baltermants (1912-1990): Grief (Ditch of Kerch), 1942
This is obviously one of the greatest and most powerful war photographs ever made. The print is on 16 x 20 paper, and it was made in 1992. On the verso is the estate stamp and signature of his daughter Tatiana: $5,000.

Eduardo Garcia, The Wall of the Wonderland

Eduardo Garcia (b. 1978): The Wall of Wonderland 1
He makes outstanding street photographs, along with his twin brother, Orlando. See more on his pages. Archival pigment print, image size 12 x 18: $440.

BrownMarket.jpg - 110749 Bytes

Carolyn Brown (b. 1936): Vegetable Market, Chichicastenango, Guatemala
This is definitely one of our more colorful photographs. Archival pigment print, image size 12 x 12: $750.

Ron Evans, Stairway

Ron Evans (b. 1943): Stairway, Rome, Italy, 1983
A beautiful image by an excellent documentary photographer. Silver gelatin print, image size 12 x 17: $500.

lovettcryingl.jpg - 40070 Bytes

O. Rufus Lovett (b. 1952): Kentavious, 1995
Lovett made this in the hamlet of Weeping Mary, Texas. Silver gelatin print, image size 14 x 17: $800.

Michael Massaia, Moonrise

Michael Massaia (b. 1978): Central Park Moonrise, from Deep in a Dream Portfolio-Central Park, 2009
Massaia's work is always interesting and innovative. Silver gelatin print, 19 x 15: $2,500.

GrooteclaesBelguique.jpg - 33747 Bytes

Hubert Grooteclaes (1927-1994): Belgique, 1978
He is a well known Belgian photographer. Silver gelatin print, 10 x 15 image size: $1,800, an excellent price.

Robert Doisneau, Au Bon Coin

Robert Doisneau (1912-1994): Au Bon Coin, quai du Port, Saint-Denis, 1945
The print was made in 1981, and the signature has faded somewhat. Silver gelatin print, 11 x 9 image size: $2,200.

Frank Horvat, Nina Ricci

Frank Horvat (born 1928): Nina Ricci, 1959
He is one of the great fashion photographers as you can see from this arresting image. The image size is 14 x 9, printed in 1985. It's an edition of 30 and signed on the verso: $4,500.

Max Yavno, The Leg

Max Yavno (1911-1985): The Leg, 1949
Yavno was a California documentary photographer, and this is one of his most famous works. The print, image size of 13 x 10, was made in 1977 and signed on the mount: $9,500.

Ernst Haas, Tobago

Ernst Haas (1921-1986): Tobago, 1968
Haas was a LIFE magazine photographer, and this print is from the famous Creation portfolio, published in 1981, edition of 300. Dye transfer print, 13 x 19, matted to 19 x 26: $3,000.