Edward S. Curtis

In 1904, Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952) began a massive project to document Native Americans. Here is his Wikipedia entry. It took many years and resulted in the 20 volume set, The North American Indian. Each volume consists of a book of text with small photogravure prints and a portfolio of larger prints. Less than 300 sets were printed. These are highly collectible items with subtle, delicate detail (difficult to fully appreciate when viewed on a computer monitor!). Image size on the large gravures is around 11 x 15 inches, and the smaller ones are usually 5 x 7 inches.

Edward Curtis, Self-portrait

Self-portrait, 1905

Vintage photogravure print, image size 10 x 7 inch (25 x 18 cm.)
Signed: $9,000

This dashing portrait is prices at auction level.

Edward Curtis, Evening in Hopi Land

Evening in Hopi Land, 1906

Vintage photogravure print, image size 12 x 16 inches (32 x 40 cm.)

Edward Curtis, Vas Gon

Vas Gon, Jicarilla Chief, 1904

Early silver gelatin print, image size 13 x 19 inches (33 x 23 cm.)

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