Appraisal Services

Why have an appraisal?

Much of the time insurance companies require a "rider" on one's artwork in order for coverage to be made. They ask for a written appraisal, and that's where our services come in, based on our 36+ years of experience in the photography art market. One needs a current appraisal to adequately cover losses due to anything ranging from theft, fire, leaks, weather damage, moving damage to even a picture simply falling off a wall due to the hanging wire breaking (we do framing here at the gallery, and this happens frequently). Also, you may need an appraisal if you are making a donation to a non-profit institution and would like a tax deduction. We will also sign for you the IRS Form 8283.

What do we need?

We need a list showing photographers, titles, and sizes. The more details you give us, the less time it will take to put together the appraisal. You might even supply us with a spreadsheet or .doc file, and we can just fill in the values. Please, if you can, stick with nationally known photographers. Sometimes we receive a list of many unknown people, and we have to do a lot of research and phone calling to track the values down, which can really increase your bill. Also, we ask that your photographs be in excellent condition to give accurate values.

What do we charge?

We charge by our time, unlike some appraisers who charge by the item. At this time our fee is $180.00 per hour. Many appraisers, incidentally, charge much more than this. For most appraisals we require a $250.00 deposit. You can phone us (877-868-5462 / 214-871-9140) or go to our order form.