Bruce Barnbaum

Bruce Barnbaum has been exhibiting with us for many years. His landscape photographs are wonderfully seen and beautifully printed. His work is represented in a number of galleries across the country, and he has been featured in numerous shows. Mr. Barnbaum has been an ardent environmentalist for years, and in 1974, he received the Sierra Club's Ansel Adams award for Photography and Conservation. He has authored three superb books, the newest one described toward the bottom of this page. Mr. Barnbaum was born in Chicago in 1943. His earliest career was in mathematics and physics, but he switched from science to art in 1970. He currently lives in the state of Washington.

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Slickrock and Reflecting Pool
Slickrock and Reflecting Pool,1996
Sunburst, Fisher Towers
Sunburst, Fisher Towers, 1995
Swiftcurrent Lake
Swiftcurrent Lake, 1996
Fence and Barn
Fence and Barn, Winter Sunset, 1990
In Malibu Canyon
In Malibu Canyon, 1970
Toscana Farmlands
Toscana Farmlands, 2000
Bridge to Vulcan's Throne
Bridge to Vulcan's Throne, 1994
Hollows and Points
Hollows and Points, Peach Canyon, 1984
Convergence, Waterholes Canyon
Convergence, Waterholes Canyon, 1987
Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River
Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River, 1995
Retrochoir, Wells Cathedral
Retrochoir, Wells Cathedral, 1980
Boulder and Metamorphosis Wave
Boulder and Metamorphosis Wave, 1987
Slickrock and Sinkhole
Slickrock and Sinkhole, 1992
Arni Marble Quarry
Arni Marble Quarry, 2001
The First Morning
The First Morning, 1989
Bruce Barnbaum Tone Poems: Book 1 is Bruce Barnbaum's latest outstanding, beautifully printed book. It comes with a wonderful classical CD by pianist Judith Cohen: $80.00 + $12.00 shipping (12 x 12 inches, 90 plates - Autographed). We strongly recommend it!

A limited edition version is available (200 copies). You receive the $80.00 book plus a choice of one of four prints (two of them are Sunburst and Toscana Farmlands above) for a total of $750.00 (for a 16 x 20), a savings of $230.00!

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