Carolyn Brown

Carolyn Brown is a widely recognized Dallas photographer who is known for her dramatic photographs of the Middle East. She has also produced work, that we are showing here, from Mexico and Guatemala, focusing on the color and the cathedrals. She has had several one-person shows over the years, and her work can be found in several important collections, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She has also authored two books. A few years ago, she had a major show at the beautiful Hall of State building at Dallas' Fair Park. You can visit her website at

Prices and Sizes (pigment inkjet prints)
    Standard Format
  • 11 x 14 or smaller    $625.00
  • 16 x 20 or 16 x 16    $725.00
  • 20 x 24 or 20 x 20    $900.00
  • 24 x 28 or 24 x 24    $1,100.00
  • 30 x 40 or 30 x 30    $1,500.00
  • 40 x 40   $1,800.00
  • 48 x 48   $2,500.00
  • 60 x 60   $3,850.00
    Panoramic Format
  • 13 x 40    $1,200.00
  • 16 x 48    $1,900.00
  • 20 x 60    $2,400.00
  • 30 x 90    $3,600.00

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them. Some of the more colorfully complex ones may be slow in downloading.)
Smoking PopocatÚpetl
Smoking Popocatépetl, Church of Nuestra
Señora, de los Remedios, Cholula, Puebla, Mexico
Vegetable Market
Vegetable Market,
Chichicastenango, Guatemala
Sculptures of Saints
Sculptures of Saints Dressed in
Scarves of Green
Sotocoro Nave
Sotocoro Nave, Retablo Exconvento de
Santo Domingo, Oaxaca, Mexico
Santuary Nuestra Senora
Sanctuary Nuestra Señora
de Ocotlan, Tlaxcala, Mexico
Church of Santo Angel
Lost Cathedral of Sativo in
Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico
350 Years of Our Church
350 Years of Our Church, Nave and Vaulting,
Church of San Andrés, Cholula, Puebla, Mexico
Cemetery Flowers
Cemetery Flowers,
Day of the Dead
Preparing for the Bishop
Preparing for the Bishop, Nuestra Señora de la
Luz, Mission Toncoyol, Queretaro, Mexico
Mermaid, Capilla de la Tercera
Mermaid, Capilla de la Tercera
Orden, Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico
Sotocoro Ceiling Detail
Sotocoro Ceiling Detail,
La Purisma Concepcion
La Purisma Concepcion de Maria
Jolalpan, Puebla, Mexico
The Passion North Facade
The Passion, North Facade, Exconvento
of San Juan, Coixthuaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
Farmers Hats
Farmers Hats, Church of
Santiago Nejapilla, Oaxaca, Mexico
Chac Mask Frieze
Chac Mask Frieze,
Kabah, Yucatan, Mexico