Two Masters

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Barbara Morgan: Classic Images

Harry Callahan: Color Work

We are pleased to present these two great masters of the field of photography. The Barbara Morgan prints come from her estate, and many are vintage. The Harry Callahan work (on the page one of the show) represents a fine selection from the color transparencies he made for years.

Harry Callahan (1912-1999) is widely recognized as one of the more influential photographers and teachers of the last half of the 20th Century. He was born and raised in Detroit and began teaching himself the medium in the late 1930s. In 1941, he was greatly inspired hearing Ansel Adams speak at the Detroit Photo League.

In 1944, he began working at the General Motors Photographic Laboratory and within two years he started teaching at the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. He was there until 1961 when he went to the Rhode Island School of Design to start the photography department. He retired in 1977.

Over the years, he concentrated on a wide range of subject matter, including his wife, landscapes, seascapes and street scenes. He has been widely published and exhibited, including a one person show at the Museum of Modern Art in 1976.

In the late 1970s, he began focusing on color. He had made color photographs for decades, but they only existed as Kodachrome transparencies. He began to produce dye transfer prints and held his first color show in 1978 at the Light Gallery in New York. The prints we are exhibiting are from that time period.

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Harry Callahan, Acme Sign Shop (SOLD)
Acme Sign Shop,
Providence, 1977
Harry Callahan, Skyscraper with Person and Flagpole (SOLD)
Skyscraper with Person
and Flagpole, New York, 1977
Harry Callahan, Skyscrapers, New York (SOLD)
New York, 1978
Harry Callahan, Eleanor in Hugo Weber's Studio (SOLD)
Eleanor in Hugo Weber's
Studio, Chicago, 1950
Harry Callahan, Street Scene
Street Scene:
Woman in Red, Providence, 1962
Harry Callahan, Couple Walking Down Street (SOLD)
Couple Walking Down
Street, Venice, 1957
Harry Callahan, Ragsdale Beauty Shop (SOLD)
Ragsdale Beauty Shop/
Poodle Cut, Detroit, 1951
Harry Callahan, Yellow House and Blue House (SOLD)
Yellow House and Blue House
with Green Foliage, Providence, 1977
Harry Callahan, Multiple Exposure: Revolving House (SOLD)
Multiple Exposure
"Revolving House," Providence, 1971
Harry Callahan, House Facade (SOLD)
House Facade,
Providence, 1977
Harry Callahan, Alley with Green Moss (SOLD)
Alley with
Green Moss, Venice, 1978
Harry Callahan, Brown Grass (SOLD)
Brown Grass, Horseneck
Beach, Massachusetts, c. 1971
Harry Callahan, Blued Tree with Green Foliage
Blued Tree with Green Foliage,
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 1978
Harry Callahan, Water Reflections, Bass Rocks (SOLD)
Water Reflections, Bass
Rocks, Massachusetts, 1978
Harry Callhan, Wide Lux Sand Picture
Wide Lux Sand Picture,
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, c. 1977
Harry Callahan, Barbara in Florence (SOLD)
Barbara in
Florence, Italy, 1957
Harry Callhan, Desert and Blue Sky, Egypt (SOLD)
Desert and Blue
Sky, Egypt, 1978
Harry Callahan, Store Window and Mannequin (SOLD)
Store Window and Mannequin
with Lingerie, Providence, 1962
Harry Callahan, Multiple Exposure: Nude on Building (SOLD)
Multiple Exposure: Nude on
Building, Providence, 1971
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