Peter Calvin

Jefferson Boulevard, Dallas: A Neighborhood's Main Street

This is our first one-person show of the colorful documentary work of Peter Calvin. He has taught on various college campuses and has also run a commercial photography business. His work has been exhibited in the Dallas area on and off for over 30 years.

Before he taught, he shared a photography studio in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. A primary artery through Oak Cliff, Jefferson Boulevard, wasn’t as interesting back then, he notes. While working on his MFA last year, his project was to photograph different parts of town. He normally photographs buildings, but he observed with Jefferson Boulevard that “the story was the people inside.”

Peter Calvin produces outstanding 12 x 18 inch ink pigment prints. (They are much sharper and more brilliant than they appear on your monitor!) The photographs are also made digitally.
Prints matted to 20 x 24 inches sell for $430.00.

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them.)

Peter Calvin, West Jefferson at Zang
West Jefferson at Zang
Peter Calvin, Loncheria El Padrino #1
Loncheria El Padrino #1
Peter Calvin, Ticket Booth, The Texas Theater
Ticket Booth, Texas Theater
Peter Calvin, The Texas Theater
Texas Theater
Peter Calvin, Cesar and Saul Valdez, Wonderland Tropics
Cesar and Saul Valdez
Peter Calvin, Father and Son, Ramirez Boot Shop
Father & Son
Peter Calvin, Jorge and Luis Jasso, El Regio Restaurant
Jorge and Luis Jasso
Peter Calvin, El Nuevo Estello Western Hats
El Nuevo Estello
Peter Calvin, Consuelo and Raul Rodriquez, Paletaria Fruitias
Consuelo and Raul Rodriquez
Peter Calvin, Jesus Najera, Deportes Najera
Jesus Najera
Peter Calvin, Delores Barrera, Dulceria de las Americas
Delores Barrera
Peter Calvin, Salon Bambi
Salon Bambi

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