Peter Calvin

Jefferson Boulevard, Dallas: A Neighborhood's Main Street, Page Two

Peter Calvin produces outstanding 12 x 18 inch ink pigment prints. (They are much sharper and more brilliant than they appear on your monitor!) The photographs are also made digitally.
Prints matted to 20 x 24 inches sell for $430.00.

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Peter Calvin, Centro Joyero de Dallas
Centro Joyero de Dallas
Peter Calvin, Ramirez Boot Shop
Ramirez Boot Shop
Peter Calvin, Yolandi's and Top Ten Records
Yolandi's and Top Ten Records
Peter Calvin, Deportes Najera
Deportes Najera
Peter Calvin, Fr. Higaldo, Jerry's Market
Fr. Higaldo, Jerry's Market
Peter Calvin, James Campbell, Pan American Connection
James Campbell
Peter Calvin, Video La Loma
Video La Loma
Peter Calvin, 330 E. Jefferson Boulevard
330 E. Jefferson Boulevard
Peter Calvin, Salesman, Action Motors
Salesman, Action Motors
Peter Calvin, Gus and Gene, Carpet Outlet
Gus and Gene, Carpet Outlet
Peter Calvin, Casa de Cambios
Casa de Cambios
Peter Calvin, Salvador Vargas Takes Quinceanera Portrait
Quinceanera Portrait
Peter Calvin, Mike Polk, Top Ten Records
Mike Polk, Top Ten Records

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