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Edward S. Curtis: A New Selection

On this page we are featuring a selection of Edward Curtis (1868-1952) gravures we have recently received. Some of these images have become rather rare (as one can tell from the prices). The large gravures pictured below have been cropped to fit our scanner. The next two pages show the rest of our Curtis pieces, along with information on his North American Indian project.

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them and to see the title and price.)

Large Gravures
The PotterWinter-Apsaroke-SOLDA Mountain Camp-Yakima
Zuñi Street SceneMishongnovi-SOLDAwating the Scouts' Return-Atsina-SOLD
Commanche Mother (new)
Andrés Cañon
Lummi Woman-SOLD

Small Gravures
Cree Girl (new) Commanche Child (new)-SOLD Nunalalahl-Qagyuhl-SOLDMamalelekala Cemetary on Village IslandWaswaslikyi-QagyuhlThe Bear Costume-Nootka

Other gravures not pictured:

A Hopi Mother, 1921, plate 403 (15½ x 10¼ inches, Van Gelder): $2,400.00 (Sold)
Evening on the Columbia, 1910, plate 287 (12 x 15½ inches, Van Gelder): $1,200.00 (Sold)
Fishing Camp-Lake Pomo, 1924, plate 487 (15½ x 11½ inches, Vellum): $640.00 (Sold)
Calf Child-Blackfoot, 1926, plate 641 (15½ x 11½ inches, Tissue): $800.00
Makoyepuk (Wolf-Child)-Blood, 1926, plate 647 (15½ x 11½ inches, Tissue); $800.00 (Sold)
Masked Dancers in Canoes-Qagyuhl, 1914, plate 362 (11 x 15 inches, Vellum): $1,200.00
On Klickitat River, 1910, plate 291 (12 x 15½ inches, Van Gelder): $640.00
Quiet Waters, 1923, plate 444 (15 x 11½ inches, Van Gelder): $800.00 (Sold)

A Bear Totem at Massett, 1915 (7½ x 5½ inches, Vellum): $300.00
Before the Storm-Makah, 1915 (5½ x 7½ inches, Vellum): $260.00 (Sold)
Embarking, 1914 (5¾ x 7½ inches, Vellum): $320.00 (Sold)
Totems at Yan, 1915 (7½ x 5½ inches, Vellum): $300.00
Tsawatenok Tree Burial, 1914 (8 x 6 inches, Vellum): $180.00