Ken Elliott

Ken Elliott comes to photography with a background in painting. He was born in 1949 and lives in California. His prints are Polaroid transfers in which, basically, the emulsion of a Polaroid print are transferred to a paper while it is still processing. He uses a drawing paper and adds some pastels, watercolors and a bit of crayon to create small delicate prints that look like miniature Impressionist paitings. The prints are about the size you see reproduced here, thus you don't need to "click" on them for an enlargement. The editions are generally limited to 50, and the prices increase as the particular edition sells out. Prints are attractively double matted to 11 x 14 inches.

Boathouse, Autumn

Boathouse, Autumn (3" x 4"), edition of 50, $275.00

Winter Rain, Napa

Winter Rain, Napa (3" x 4"), edition of 50, $350.00

In Search of Yellow, Bonnard

In Search of Yellow, Bonnard (3" x 4"), edition of 50, $275.00

Matisse's Chair

Matisse's Chair (4" x 3"), edition of 50, $310.00

Angel #6

Angel #6, untitled (3" x 4"), #1/1 (unique), $290.00