Terry Falke

Prints are available in 20 x 24 inches and in 24 x 30 inches. The 24 x 30s are in editions of 25. For larger prints, please inquire. Prices on request.

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Terry Falke, San Juan County, New Mexico
San Juan County, New Mexico
Terry Falke, Standing Rock, Arizona
Standing Rock, Arizona
Terry Falke, Chapel, Arizona
Chapel, Arizona
Terry Falke, Shoe Tree, Nevada
Shoe Tree, Nevada
Terry Falke, Trail to Balanced Rock
Tail to Balanced Rock, Arches National Park
Terry Falke, Stub End, Trona Line, California
Stub End, Trona Line
Terry Falke, Gallup, New Mexico
Gallup, New Mexico
Terry Falke, Trona, California
Trona, California
Terry Falke, Glen Canyon, Arizona
Glen Canyon, Arizona
Terry Falke, Moose, California
Moose, California
Terry Falke, Target
Target, Amargosa Ranch, Nevada
Terry Falke, Winter Sunrise
Winter Sunrise
Terry Falke, Tornado Aftermath
Tornado Aftermath
Terry Falke, West Texas
West Texas
Terry Falke, Railroad Crossing, Mojave Desert
Railroad Crossing, Mohave Desert

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