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"...home in this world..."

Prints on 16 x 20 inch paper are priced at $600.00, and ones on 20 x 24 inch paper are $800.00.

On September 16, 2007, Peter Feresten passed away. He will be greatly missed in the North Texas photographic community.
Many of these prints are no longer available. Holding your mouse over the thumbnail image will inform you of a print's status.
Prints are at the same prices as shown above. If considering any, please don't delay.

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them.)

Scooter's Rides: available in 16 x 20
Scooter's Rides, 2500 Club,
Belknap St., Fort Worth, TX, ca. 1995
Bulldog & Nettie: available in 16 x 20
Bulldog & Nettie,
Fort Worth, TX, 1998
Javier Gracia Wake: available in 16 x 20
Javier Gracia Wake,
Fort Worth, TX, 1987
Huevería/Panadaría: available in 16 x 20
Madrid, 1991
Peluquería (Barbershop)San Andres: available in 16 x 20
Peluquería (Barbershop)
San Andres, Madrid, 1991
Constructor de Guitarras: available in 16 x 20
Constructor de Guitarras Arcangel Fernandez,
Madrid, 1990
Cementerio San Isidro: available in 16 x 20
Cementerio San Isidro,
Madrid, 1985
Taoist Temple: available in 16 x 20
Taoist Temple,
Cheung Chau, China, 2000

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