Charles Kruvand, Hamilton Pool Falls

Charles Kruvand

Hamilton Pool Falls after Heavy Rains, Hamilton Pool Natural Area, West of Austin

Hamilton Pool is a dazzling collapsed grotto west of Austin that is so special it defies words. Go there if you have the chance, itís open to the public.

"Hamilton Pool" was the last photo I took in 2002, just weeks before being diagnosed with cancer. Hooked up to the chemo machine, wrapped in blankets, it was always so cold in the infusion room, I would imagine the most happy scene with my family along the stream that flows out from Hamilton Pool. There amongst the flowering Buckeyes, Mexican Hats and dancing Giant Swallowtails I would find comfort listening to the music of flowing water. With the deepest concentration I would see my family smiling and a warmth would sweep over me like the sun was shining on my skin.

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