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People are always asking what are good investments in photography. I often point out that photographs by the great LIFE Magazine photographers have increased dramatically over the years. In the last couple of years, as more and more collectors have bought them, they have really gone up. For example, Andreas Feininger's Route 66 went from $10,000.00 in a show here a little over two years ago to a price over $20,000.00 higher.

Below I have presented pieces that are mostly under $10,000.00, with the majority being under $5,000.00. Many of these images are quite well known and, I feel, underpriced. Most of the works here are by Alfred Eisenstaedt, one of the most popular LIFE photographers. All of these prints are in superb condition, printed in the LIFE photo lab and are signed by the photographer. For many of the images below, there are very few prints left, and these prices are subject to rapid change. If you see one or some you like, please email us or phone us (877-868-5462) for the current price. Due to fluctuations, LIFE has asked us not to post prices.

(All images below are Time Inc.)

Alfred Eisenstaedt Alfred Eisenstaedt: Ice Skating Waiter, St. Moritz, Switzerland, 1932, in 16 x 20.           Alfred Eisenstaedt Alfred Eisenstaedt: Ernest Hemingway with walking stick, Cojimar Harbor, Cuba, 1952, in 8 x 10.

Carl Mydans Carl Mydans: Senator John F. Kennedy campaigning with his wife, Boston, Massachusetts, 1958, in 11 x 14.           Alfred Eisenstaedt Alfred Eisenstaedt: Molyneux Model, Paris, France, 1934, in 16 x 20 (only one print left).

Alfred Eisenstaedt Alfred Eisenstaedt: Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin, Wisconsin, 1956, in 11 x 14. Only 14 were printed and signed, and only a handful are left.           Carl Mydans Carl Mydans (1907-2004): Reindeer being herded, Finland, 1940 (during Russo-Finnish Winter War, 1939-1940), in 16 x 20. Only 19 have been printed and signed.

Carl Mydans Carl Mydans: Boy looking out window Ansbach, Germany, 1954, in 16 x 20. Only 26 were printed and signed.           Carl Mydans Carl Mydans: Roustabouts take time off from their job, Freer, Texas, 1937, in 16 x 20. Only 47 were printed and signed.

Carl Mydans Carl Mydans: General Douglas MacArthur, Luzon, Philippines, 1/9/45, in 11 x 14 and 16 x 20. Only 40 were printed and signed.           Carl Mydans Carl Mydans: Japanese Surrender on Board the U.S.S. Missouri, Tokyo Bay, 9/2/45, in 11 x 14 and 16 x 20.

          Alfred Eisenstaedt Alfred Eisenstaedt: Sir Winston Churchill, Liverpool, England, 1951, in 11 x 14 and 16 x 20.

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