Collector's Prints from LIFE Magazine, Page Three

The great photographs below from LIFE magazine represent the finest in photojournalism over the last few decades. They were expertly printed in the LIFE lab, signed by the photographers and are excellent photographic investments, having increased in value greatly in recent years. (Incidentally, a few of the limited edition prints below were made posthumously and have embossed signatures.)

LIFE requests that we not publish prices since they are constantly changing as inventories sell out. You can, however, get some idea by the symbols shown after the sizes. ($) means $5,000 or less; ($$) is $5,000 to $10,000; ($$$) is $10,000 to $15,000 and ($$$$) is over $15,000. If you see one or some you like, please email us or phone us (877-868-5462) for the current price. (The LIFE watermark on the web images below are not on the photographs themselves.)

Photographers shown:

Margaret Bouke-White (1904-1971),    Ed Clark (born 1926),    Loomis Dean (1917-2005),    Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898-1995)
Andreas Feininger (1906-1999),    Martha Holmes (1923-2006),    Carl Mydans (1907-2004),    Joe Rosenthal (1911-2006)

(All images below are Time Inc.)

Alfred Eisenstaedt, Bridge over the Arno River Alfred Eisenstaedt: Night scene of bridge over the Arno River, Florence, Italy, 1934, in 16 x 20 ($$$). Only 42 were printed and signed.           Alfred Eisenstaedt Alfred Eisenstaedt: Street scene, Restaurant Terrasse, Paris, 1930, in 11 x 14 ($).

Alfred Eisenstaedt, George Bernard Shaw Alfred Eisenstaedt: George Bernard Shaw at typewriter, London, 1932, in 11 x 14 ($$) and 16 x 20 ($$).           Alfred Eisenstaedt, T.S. Eliot Alfred Eisenstaedt: T.S. Eliot, London, England, 1951, in 8 x 10 ($).

Carl Mydans, Fog Coming In Carl Mydans: Fog Coming In, Swansea, Wales, 1954, in 16 x 20($).           Margaret Bourke-White, Beach Accident Margaret Bourke-White: Beach Accident, Coney Island, New York, 1952, in 11 x 14, embossed signature ($).

Margaret Bourke-White, Gold Miners Margaret Bourke-White: Gold Miners, Johannesburg, 195 in 13 x 16, platinum, embossed ($).           Loomis Dean. Mannequines, Atomic bomb Test Loomis Dean: Mannequins, Atomic Bomb Test, Yucca Flats, Nevada, 1955, in 11 x 14 ($) and 16 x 20 ($).

Alfred Eisenstaedt, Van Cliburn Alfred Eisenstaedt: Van Cliburn at piano rehearsing for Tchaikovsky Competition, New York, 1958, in 11 x 14 ($).           Alfred Eisenstaedt Alfred Eisenstaedt: Thomas Hart Benton, 1978, in 11 x 14 ($).

Alfred Eisenstaedt, Left Bank Alfred Eisenstaedt: Left Bank, Paris, 1964, in 16 x 20 ($$).           Loomis Dean Loomis Dean: Anthony Armstrong-Jone's Half Brothers, London, England, 1960, in 11 x 14 ($).

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