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(All photographs below: John Loengard Time Inc.)

John Loengard, Henry Moore's Sheep Piece
Henry Moore's Sheep Piece,
Hertfordshire, England, 1983
John Loengard, Cloud in Sydney
Cloud in Sydney, Nova Scotia,
Canada, 1979
John Loengard, Supper Intermission, Lewes, East Sussex
Supper Intermission, Lewes,
East Sussex,UK, 1968
John Loengard, Children in Manchester
Children in Manchester,
Manchester, England, 1968
John Loengard, A cat walking through a miniature village
A cat walking through a miniature village,
Canberra, Australia, 1981
John Loengard, Boy in Manchester
Boy in Manchester, Manchester,
England, 1968
John Loengard, Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan, California, 1966
John Loengard, George Nakashima and boards
George Nakashima and boards,
New Hope, PA, 1969
John Loengard, Judy Garland
Judy Garland, Carnegie Hall,
New York, NY, 1961
John Loengard, Shaker Fence
Shaker fence, Sabbathday Lake, ME, 1966
John Loengard, Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby,Beverly Hills, 1969
John Loengard, Shelby Foote
Shelby Foote, Memphis, TN, 1990
Due to publication restrictions, three photographs are not shown. They are his classic LIFE 1964 cover of The Beatles in a swimming pool, a beautiful candid image of Marilyn Monroe and a portrait of the late Richard Avedon. If you email us, I'll send you an unlinked web address to go to. It's well worth it!

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To see the full selection of photographs available by John Loengard, please go to LIFE's agency, go to the upper left
of their home page and click 'Search', enter Loengard in the 'Photographer' blank and hit enter or click 'Start Search.'