John Loengard, Georgia O'Keeffe holds her favorite stone

Georgia O'Keeffe holds her favorite stone in her rock
collection, Albiqui, NM, 1966

John Loengard © Time Inc.

The stone Georgia O'Keeffe liked best in her rock collection was one photographer Eliot Porter had found on a rafting trip they’d taken together. With a grin, she said she’d stolen it from him. Years later Porter would tell writer Terry Tempest Williams that he and his wife had invited O’Keeffe to Thanksgiving dinner after they had returned from the trip. The stone was in his living room, and while the Porters were in the kitchen preparing food, it disappeared. O’Keeffe said nothing. Porter said nothing. "The next time I saw my black smooth stone," Porter told Williams, "it was in the palm of O’Keeffe’s hand in a photograph in LIFE magazine taken by John Loengard."

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