John Loengard, Judy Garland, Carnegie Hall

John Loengard, Judy Garland, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, 1961

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Maybe the fact that this is a photograph makes it easier to accept as real the expression of the man on the left and the peculiar way that singer Judy Garland bends over to receive the hands of the audience at Carnegie Hall. But this picture could just as well be a painting. Our reaction to it would not change.

The forms are interesting, not the details. His mouth. Her back and head. The flash-bright fingers at the lower right. They'd be just as exciting on a gray and black canvas 12 feet wide. What went wrong? I didn't take a good photograph, that's what. I fudged details and relied only on strong form. The camera's veracity was not needed. I'm not apologizing. I like the rawness of the scene, and I recorded it. I Like the result even if, sorry, it could be done as well by hand.

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