John Loengard, Georgia O'Keeffe on Roof, Ghost Ranch

Georgia O'Keeffe on Roof, Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM, 1967

John Loengard Time Inc.

Georgia O'Keeffe sat on the roof of her house at Ghost Ranch. She was talking to an editor from LIFE magazine. I grew restless listening to their conversation and decided to try to take the most lopsided photograph in history. I put O'Keeffe on the left of the picture, leaving nothing but wisps of cloud and a distant hill to balance her on the right. The first frame had faults common to pictures taken during interviews. The shutter caught O'Keeffe's arms awkwardly as she gestured-or she focused on someone outside the picture. You wonder who it is. Finally, though, O'Keeffe seemed at rest, drawn into herself. Actually, her body is not relaxed. She's coiled, ready to gesticulate.

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