Two Masters

Barbara Morgan: Classic Images

Harry Callahan: Color Work

We are pleased to present these two great masters of the field of photography. The Barbara Morgan prints come from her estate, and many are vintage. The Harry Callahan work (on the next page) represents a fine selection from the color transparencies he made for years.

Barbara Morgan (1900-1992) is best known for her wonderful dance photographs from 1930s and 40s, concentrating on the modern dance of Martha Graham and her dance company. She also created fascinating photomontage work, experimental light drawings and candid photographs of children.

Morgan was trained as a painter at UCLA. She became attracted to photography after seeing an Edward Weston exhibit. Photography became her principal medium in 1935 when she began photographing Graham. During her 70 year career, she published several books and was in numerous exhibits. She was married to Willard Morgan, the founder of Morgan & Morgan, Inc. publishers and the first director of the Photography Department at MOMA.

Our show features a number of vintage prints. One of them (Ekstasis) was part of a traveling show from MOMA in the mid 1930s.

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Barbara Morgan, Celebration
Martha Graham,
"Celebration" (Trio), 1937
Barbara Morgan, Kick
Martha Graham, "Letter
to the World" (Kick), 1940
Barbara Morgan, Ekstasis
Martha Graham,
"Ekstasis" (Torso), 1935
Barbara Morgan, Frontier
Martha Graham,
"Frontier," 1935
Barbara Morgan, Valerie Bettis
Valerie Bettis,
"The Desperate Heart" (Kick), 1944
Barbara Morgan, Pearl Primus
Pearl Primus,
"Speak to Me of Rivers," 1944
Barbara Morgan, Valerie Bettis, Desperate Heart
Valerie Bettis,
"The Desperate Heart," 1944
Barbara Morgan, Pearl Primus
Pearl Primus,
"Speak to Me of Rivers," 1944
Barbara Morgan, Martha Graham, American Provincials
Martha Graham,
"American Provincials," 1935
Barbara Morgan, Martha Graham, Lamentation
Martha Graham,
"Lamentation," 1935
Barbara Morgan, Starburst
Graham Group,
"American Document" (Starburst), 1938
Barbara Morgan, Merce Cunningham
Merce Cunningham,
"Root of the Unfocused," 1944
Barbara Morgan, Martha Graham, El Penitente
Martha Graham,
"El Penitente" (Festival), 1940
Barbara Morgan, Doris Humphrey, Square Dance
Doris Humphrey,
"Square Dance," 1938
Barbara Morgan, El Flagellante
Martha Graham,
El Flagellante, 1940
Barbara Morgan, Corn
(Multiple Image), 1945
Barbara Morgan, Spring on Madison Square
Spring on
Madison Square, 1938
Barbara Morgan, Newhall, Adams and Morgan
Beaumont Newhall, Ansel Adams
and Willard Morgan in Studio, 1942
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