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Here are a few family photographs along with some information about us.

The second biggest event of 2001 for us was the opening of Afterimage Gallery's Thirtieth Annivery Show: Creatures. Our son, Ben, Jr., is performing with his jazz group (he's the guitarist).
Opening Son's jazz group

The really big event was my daughter's marriage on January 6 to Steve Whitson. The photograph on the right was made under less formal circumstances at the afore mentioned opening.
Angela, Steve and cake Steve and Angela at opening

Below is some old geezer looking at my wife, Janice, and my son at the wedding. On the right is a photograph of my son playing some jazz at my mother's 90th birthday party in October.
Me, Janice and Ben, Jr. Ben Jr.

Piano students These are 19 of Janice's piano students after a recital (she's in the back left corner). Janice also directs our church's mother's day out program. In addition, she and I work together in a side business with Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. She tends to be a bit busy!

And then on Mother's Day we bought a seven-month-old whippet whom we named Dove. She's some dog, and like most whippets, she likes to both run and snuggle.
Dove, the flying whippet Dove and Janice

To show Dove's speed, here's a little out-of-focus movie of her in the backyard. (183K in size) If you don't see the movie below embedded in the web page, click here to run it.

Angela and Steve live in Allen, a suburb north of Dallas (two suburbs up from the suburb we live in). Angela is in residential real estate, and Steve is a purchasing agent. Ben, Jr. is currently a junior at the University of North Texas. He is majoring in social science with a minor in jazz guitar. He plans on teaching when he gets out of college.

That's all the excitement for now; tune us in later!