A Representative Sampling

This page shows of sampling of 32 wonderful photographs, exhibiting the broad range not only of the material we show but also its pricing. Click on the thumbnails for full titles, prices and links to other images and resumes.

Sizes given are only for the image areas and do not include any borders or matting. Prices and availability are subject to change. If you want to place an order, a small fee will usually be added for matting and shipping. Please email or phone us (214-871-9140 / 877-868-5462) with any questions.

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Michael Massaia, Central Park 8
Michael Massaia
Central Park 8
James H. Evans, Dust Devil
James H. Evans
Dust Devil
Owen Kanzler, Offshore Powerboat Race
Owen Kanzler
Offshore Powerboat Race
Brian Kosoff, Tree, Lake Superior
Brian Kosoff
Tree, Lake Superior
Ron Evans, Farm Dog
Ron Evans
Farm Dog
Robb Kendrick, Colter Schlosser
Robb Kendrick
Colter Schlosser
Kent Barker, Sarah and Annie's Statue of Liberty
Kent Barker
Sarah and Annie's Statue of Liberty
Harvey Caplin, Day's End
Harvey Caplin
Day's End
Yousef Khanfar, In Search of Peace
Yousef Khanfar
In Search of Peace
Elliott Erwitt, Wyoming
Elliott Erwitt
Gerald Hill, Old Prairie Homestead
Gerald Hill
Old Prairie Homestead
Sam Fentress, Washington, D.C.
Sam Fentress
Washington, D.C.
Mark Citret, Cypresses, Tuscany
Mark Citret
Cypresses, Tuscany
Christopher Burkett, Dogwoods, Forest and Mist
Christopher Burkett
Dogwoods, Forest and Mist
Kenn Thorpe, Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
Kenn Thorpe
Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
George Tice, Water Tower, Rahway, New Jersey
George Tice
Water Tower, Rahway, New Jersey
William Abranowicz, Blowing Curtain, Santorini, Greece
William Abranowicz
Blowing Curtain, Santorini, Greece
Thomas Michael Alleman, Santa Monica
Thomas Michael Alleman
Santa Monica
Mitch Dobrowner, Civilization
Mitch Dobronwer
Bruce Barnbaum, Hollows and Points, Peach Canyon
Bruce Barnbaum
Hollows and Points, Peach Canyon
John Loengard, Bill Cosby
John Loengard
Bill Cosby
David Donovan, May 29, 1994 / the touch
David Donovan
May 29, 1994 / the touch
Al Satterwhite, Mohammad Ali, Miami Beach
Al Satterwhite
Mohammad Ali, Miami Beach
Willy Ronis, Le Nu Provenšal
Willy Ronis
Le Nu Provenšal, Gordes
Jerry N. Uelsmann, Untitled, 1976
Jerry N. Uelsmann
Untitled, 1976
Petter Helms Feresten, Star Bar
Peter Helms Feresten
Star Bar, Fort Worth
Jan Camp, Night Wrestling
Jan Camp
Night Wrestling
Henry Horenstein, Bottlenose Dolphin
Henry Horenstein
Bottlenose Dolphin
Walter W. Nelson, California Poppies
Walter W. Nelson
California Poppies
Paul Flaggman, Paris--Arc de Triomphe-Storm
Paul Flaggman
Paris--Arc de Triomphe-Storm
Jenny Ellerbe, Dream Big Dreams
Jenny Ellerbe
Dream Big Dreams
O. Rufus Lovett, Mama's Dress
O. Rufus Lovett
Mama's Dress