A Selection of Photographers, page 2

Tornillo Creek and the Rio Grande River Charles Kruvand: rich, colorful Southwestern landscapes

William Lesch William Lesch: colorful, surreal desert imagery

Rufus Lovett O. Rufus Lovett: a rural African-American community

Nicholas McCalip Nicholas McCalip: very unique landscapes and nudes

Walter Nelson Walter Nelson: fine color Iris and platinum work

David J. Osborn David J. Osborn: landscapes and structures of the U.K.

Animal Form No.3 Robert Owen: small, surreal soft-focus photographs

Michel Pilon Michel Pilon: an amazing studio nude study

Willy Ronis Willy Ronis: one of the great old French documentary photographers

Al Satterwhite Al Satterwhite: celebrity portraits from the 1970s

Brad Temkin Brad Temkin: the people, structures and land of Ireland

George Tice George Tice: urban and Amish scenes

Maria in Church June Van Cleef: documentary images from the Texas/Mexico border

Craig Varjabedian Craig Varjabedian: large format photographs mainly of New Mexico

Byrd Williams Byrd Williams: colorful downtown triptychs

A.G.M. on Horseback with Rifle Laura Wilson: views of contemporary Texas cowboys

Lew Wilson Lew Wilson: hand colored landscapes

Geoff Winningham Geoff Winningham: Texana

Tom Zetterstrom Tom Zetterstrom: images from the "Portraits of Trees" series

Lineaus Lorette with all his Dogs Others: prints by several different photographers

Untitled, by Jerry Uelsmann 25th Anniversary Show: great images by Caponigro, Uelsmann, Weston and several others