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Jacquie, Gwendolyn and Pauline, Bantry
Jacquie, Gwendolyn and Pauline, Bantry,
Co. Cork, Ireland, 1995
Waiting, Gortconney
Waiting, Gortconney,
Co. Antrim, Northern, Ireland, 1994
Phone Box, Torr Head
Phone Box, Torr Head,
Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, 1991
Cherub, Glengarriff
Cherub, Glengarriff,
Co. Cork, Ireland, 1996
Cross, Gougane Barra
Cross, Gougane Barra,
Co. Cork, Ireland, 1995
Vines on House, Scartwaterfall
Vines on House, Scartwaterfall,
Co. Cork, Ireland 1992
Split Rock, Ballintoy Harbor
Split Rock, Ballintoy Harbor,
Co. Atrim, Northern Ireland, 1992
Turf Field, Maam Cross
Turf Field, Maam Cross,
Co. Galway, Ireland, 1992
Hillside, Clifden
Hillside, Clifden,
Co. Galway, Ireland, 1991
Sheep and Hayrolls, Millisle
Sheep and Hayrolls, Millisle,
Co. Down, Northern Ireland, 1991
Standing Stones, Castletownhere
Standing Stones, Castletownhere,
Co. Cork Ireland, 1990

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