The Afterimage Gallery Photography Quiz, Page 2

14. Which of these photographers is not dead?

A. Alfred Eisenstadt

B. Elliott Erwitt

C. Aaron Siskind

D. Berenice Abbott

15. The Department of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art was established in

A. 1066

B. 1954

C. 1922

D. 1940

16. Later in his life Ansel Adams used

A. a Minox

B. an 8 x 10 view camera

C. a Hasselblad

D. no camera. John Sexton did all the work for him.

17. Name the photographic duo.

A. Ferrante and Teicher

B. Hill and Adamson

C. Gilbert and Sullivan

D. Hans and Franz

18. Photographs have a history of mistreatment. For example, some of the glass negatives from the Civil War were used as

A. broken glass atop walls to keep out the enemy

B. greenhouse roofing tiles

C. protection when viewing solar eclipses

D. Frisbees

19. Which of the photographers below is not known for using multiple negatives in their imagery?

A. Jerry N. Uelsmann

B. Angus McBean (what a great name!)

C. Allen A. Dutton

D. W. Eugene Smith

20. People from which organization below were blacklisted during the McCarthy era?

A. Association of International Photography Art Dealers, Inc.

B. Photographic Society of America

C. Photo League

D. American Society of Media Photographers

21. Alfred Stieglitz called his cloud photographs

A. Similarities

B. Equivalents

C. Likenesses

D. Equalities

22. Eadweard Muybridge proved with his motion study photographs that

A. in each stride of a gallop all four hooves of a horse are off the ground at the same time

B. in each stride of a gallop a horse's ears lay back at the same angle as its tail

C. cameras can indeed be used to determine the winner of a photo-finish

D. a horse can outrun a locomotive

23. Which best describes photography gallery owners?

A. a great bunch of folks

B. weasels

C. masochists

D. all of the above

Here is the last challenge. Match the photographers names on the left with their given names on the right.

1. Man Ray A. David Szymin

2. Nadar B. Otto Umbehr

3. Weegee C. Emmanuel Rudnitzky

4. Eadweard Muybridge D. Andrei Friedmann

5. Umbo E. Gyula Halász

6. David (Chim) Seymourv F. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson

7. Robert Capa G. Edward James Muggeridge

8. Brassaď H. Gaspard Félix Tournachon

9. Lewis Carroll I. Arthur Fellig

We hope you have enjoyed the quiz!

Answers: 14 - B, 15 - D, 16 - C. 17 - B, 18 - B, 19 - D, 20 - C, 21 - B, 22 - A, 23 - D
Name answers: 1 - C, 2 - H, 3 - I, 4 - G, 5 - B, 6 - A, 7 - D, 8 - E, 9 - F