George Tice, Amish Photographs

This page of the superb work of nationally known photographer George Tice is from our exhibit of photographs from the new expanded re-issue of his classic book on the Amish country, Fields of Peace: A Pennsylvania German Album. Most of these photographs were made in the 1960s, but some are as late as 1990. This body of work has long been one of the definitive photographic studies of this fascinating part of America, and it is our fourth show of his wonderful work.

While this page is specifially devoted to the Amish work, other images, including a few other Amish photographs, can be found on the two other George Tice pages accessible by the link at the bottom of this page. A biography is also on the following page.

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Five Mennonite Children on Bicycle
Five Mennonite Children on Bicycle,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1968
Horse and Buggy
Horse and Buggy,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1961
Amish Boy
Amish Boy,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1965
Barn and Covered Bridge
Barn and Covered Bridge,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1964
Horse and Buggy in Farmyard
Horse and Buggy in Farmyard,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1965
Father and Daughter in Buggy
Father and Daughter in Buggy,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1962
Tree, Swings and Windows
Tree, Swings and Windows,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1964
Old Amish Men
Old Amish Men,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1966
Two Amish Girls
Two Amish Girls,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1966
Interior, Ephrata Cloisters
Interior, Ephrata Cloisters,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1968
Landscape with Water Wheel Apparatus
Landscape with Water Wheel Apparatus,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1969
Amish Boy Walking Fence
Amish Boy Walking Fence,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1966
One Room Schoolhouse
One Room Schoolhouse,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1962
Horse and Buggy, Winter
Horse and Buggy, Winter,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1969
Buggy and Farmhouse with Windmill
Buggy and Farmhouse with Windmill,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1965
Book coverFields of Peace: A Pennsylvania German Album
9 x 10 inches, 180 pages, 180 photographs.
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