Bank Langmore, Elliott Erwitt and Others

Perhaps the leading photographer of the American cowboy in the 1970s was Bank Langmore (b. 1935). From his home base in Dallas, he traveled some 20,000 miles across the western United States capturing cowboys with his Minolta 35mm camera. (Minolta supplied him with free cameras.) His work was published in a book entitled The Cowboy. Like many photographers he was a perfectionist, and his prints are absolutely gorgeous. For various reasons he has been inactive for many years, and his prints have become rare. The ones below are from a collection of a work associate of his and dates back to the 1970s. Click on the images for further information.

Bank Langmore, Vern Torrence
Vern Torrence
Bank Langmore, Bringing in the Cavvy
Bringing in the Cavvy
Bank Langmore, MC Ranch
MC Ranch
Bank Langmore, 6666 Ranch
6666 Ranch
Bank Langmore, Spanish Governor's Palace
Spanish Governor's Palace
Bank Langmore, Bell Ranch
Bell Ranch
Bank Langmore, Bell Ranch
Bell Ranch

The print below is by the great LIFE magazine photographer Ernst Haas (1921-1986). It is a beautiful dye transfer print that comes from
The Creation portfolio, published in 1981 in an edition of 300. The title is Kenya, 1970. Image size is 12 x 19, matted to 19 x 26: $2,200

Ernst Haas, Kenya

Elliott Erwitt is one of the great 20th Century masters, and at 85 years old, he is still taking orders and pursuing new avenues with his work. His studio has just released 19 limited edition platinum prints that are now available. They are in two sizes. Those printed on 20 x 24 inch paper are priced at $15,000, and the price for those printed on 30 x 40 inch paper (very large for platinum) is $30,000. The editions are small, usually limited to only 15 copies. Below are eight of the 19. If you need larger illustrations, just let us know, and we can also email a pdf file listing all the images available. This is an outstanding collecting opportunity and a fine art investment. Get them before they sell out!

Elliott Erwitt, Provence
Provence, France, 1955
Elliott Erwitt, Valencia, Spain
Valencia, Spain, 1952
Elliott Erwitt, Wyoming
Wyoming, 1954
Elliott Erwitt, Santa Monica, California
Santa Monica, California, 1955 (a.k.a. California Kiss)
Elliott Erwitt, New York City
New York City, 1946
Elliott Erwitt, New York City
New York City, 1974
Elliott Erwitt, New York City
New York City, 1955
Elliott Erwitt, New York City
New York City, 1953

Below is a nice Robert Doisneau (1912-1994) entitled Au Bon Coin, quai du Port, Saint-Denis, 1945.
The image size is 11 x 9. Doisneau's signature on the recto has faded somewhat (it was printed in 1981). The price is $4,500.

Robert Doisneau, Au Bon Coin