Welcome to the Afterimage Gallery website. We are located in Dallas, Texas and are one of the oldest art galleries in the world devoted to photography. This is our 45th year of operation. We provide a large variety of photography at a wide range of prices.

Norm Diamond, No Reception
Norm Diamond: No Reception, 2016

Norm Diamond

What is Left Behind
Stories from Estate Sales

Ellott McDowell, Room Service
Elliott McDowell: Room Service

Comprehensive List of Photographers and Prints

Some Classic Prints at Special Prices

Harry Callahan, Eleanor
Harry Callahan, Multiple Exposure Tree
Eliot Porter, Pool in a Brook

David Hume Kennerly, Presidents and Wives with Autographs
Alfred Eisenstaedt, Thomas Hart Benton
Barbara Morgan, Martha Graham (Kick)

Jerry Uelsmann, Apocalypse II
Jerry Uelsmann, Untitled, 1964

Berenice Abbott, Fifth Avenue and Eighth Street

Henri Cartier Bresson, Roman Amphitheatre
Edward S. Curtis, Self Portrait

Edward S. Curtis, Evening in Hopi Land
Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Saturday
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Ben Breard, Owner/Director

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