Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Traces of Existence

Angela Bacon-Kidwell lives in Texas and is a painter as well as a photographer. Her work is wonderfully creative, personal, fun and surreal. In the last few years her photographs have been published quite a bit and exhibited in various shows around the country. This page features a new body of work created mostly in 2011. Below are her comments on the work.


The motive in this body of work is to mend the tension and tragedy created when conflicting emotions meet. Walking through the highs of my recent travel to China and the lows of significant personal loss, I have been searching for a visual level of communication that would unite traces of my existence. I have become increasingly fascinated by how tenacious life is and yet how in a moment survival ceases. The fragility of life is represented in this work by a personal language of symbols. I want all my images to have real meaning for me, even if it is not easily read by the viewer. By working more abstractly, the dissimilar images connect to one another in unexpected ways causing a thought or idea to evolve. The juxtaposition of death and despair, represented by skeletons, old age and holes connected to a joyous life filled with children, birds and Ferris Wheels examine the complicated and chaotic ways in which life contracts, expands, converges and divests in our personal journeys. By stretching the image to near disintegration by burning, freezing and submersions I seek to release my emotions and give respect to a life that has been fully lived. The emotions I sought to bandage together resulted in a somber, but completely liberating experience.


Numerous layers of hand painted photographs, drawings and resin make up a single image. The final results are a complex layering process and not complete digital manipulations. The image is printed and re-photographed under various conditions in one final effort to heal the tender wounds that bind my own existence.

This work is produced as archival ink pigment prints. Square prints are available as 16 x 16s for $700.00 in an edition of 15, as 20 x 20s for $1,200.00 in an edition of 6 and as 36 x 36s for $2,500.00 in an edition of 3.

Other formats are 16 x 20s for $700.00 in an edition of 15, as 24 x 30s for $1,200.00 in an edition of 6 and as 32 x 40s for $2,000.00 in an edition of 3.

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them.)

Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Jump Little Children
Jump Little Children
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Yangzhou Chimera
Yangzhou Chimera
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, In the Vicinity of Wholeness
In the Vicinity of Wholeness
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Close to Twlight
Close to Twlight
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Frozen Wishes
Frozen Wishes
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Centrifical Force
Centrifical Force
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Frostbound
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Double Profile
Double Profile
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Hands
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Circular Thoughts
Circular Thoughts
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Accession
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Broken Water
Broken Water
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Unborn Space
Unborn Space
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Awakening Yangzhou
Awakening Yangzhou
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Unclimable Fence
Unclimable Fence/font>
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Silence Can't be Cut
Silence Can't be Cut
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Algebra of Darkness
Algebra of Darkness
Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Eyes

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