Jenny Ellerbe

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Jenny Ellerbe's photographs are all made with a digital camera, archivally (and wonderfully) printed on Museo Portfolio Rag archival paper by an Epson 4000, using custom made carbon pigment monochromatic inks. Prints made on 8 x 11 inch paper with an image size of approximately 6 x 9 inches are priced at $400.00. 10 x 15 inch images on 13 x 19 inch paper sell for $600.00. Prints are in editions of 25. Please add $30.00 matting for the smaller ones and $50.00 matting for the larger ones.

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them and see the full titles.)

Jenny Ellerbe, Brightwater A.M.E. Church
Brightwater A.M.E. Church
Jenny Ellerbe, Ladder, Tree House
Ladder, Tree House
Jenny Ellerbe, J.T's Produce Stand
J.T's Produce Stand
Jenny Ellerbe, Okra, Study 1
Okra, Study 1
Jenny Ellerbe, No Dogs Allowed Hear
No Dogs Allowe Hear
Jenny Ellerbe, Frank and Gizmo
Frank and Gizmo
Jenny Ellerbe, Grandma's Window
Grandma's Window
Jenny Ellerbe, Grandma's Chair
Grandma's Chair
Jenny Ellerbe, Bushel Baskets
Bushel Baskets
Jenny Ellerbe, Corn Shucking, Study 1
Corn Shucking, Study 1
Jenny Ellerbe, Butterbean Sorting
Butterbean Sorting
Jenny Ellerbe, Tractorum Gigantea
Tractorum Gigantea
Jenny Ellerbe, Boat with Rope
Boat with Rope
Jenny Ellerbe, Thompson's Gro & Mkt
Thompson's Gro & Mkt
Jenny Ellerbe, Go Tigers
Go Tigers
Jenny Ellerbe, Wilhite Church, Doily
Wilhite Church, Doily

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