Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna’s work is highly sought after throughout the world. His small, delicate prints are like jewels. Many of the photographs are time exposures made at night, producing a soft surreal effect. The work has been exhibited and published numerous times here and abroad, and his prints are in some 70 museum and corporate collections. Mr. Kenna is English and was born in 1953. In 1977, he moved to California from where he travels to photograph in several different countries.

Michael Kenna's print are usually 8 x 8 inches in size, matted to 20 x 16 inches. His editions are small, usually limited to 45 prints. Prices start at $1,000.00 and rise rapidly as the editions sell out. The prices given below can change at any time. Mr. Kenna's photographs are provided through the courtesy of the Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco.

To see more of Michael Kenna's work, go to www.michaelkenna.net and come back to our site to order!

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Ile de la Cité, Paris, France

Ile de la Cité, (Merci HCB), Paris, France, 1992, (edition sold out)

Leaning Tree, Pruhonice, Czechoslovakia

Leaning Tree, Pruhonice, Czechoslovakia, 1992, $3,000.00

Pont des Arts du Carousel at Royale, Paris, France

Pont des Arts du Carousel et Royale, Paris, France, 1992, $1,000.00

Pont Neuf, Study 2, Paris, France

Pont Neuf, Study 2, Paris, France, 1992, $2,000.00

Pont de la Tournelle, Paris, France

Pont de la Tournelle, Paris, France, 1995, $2,500.00

A Pair of Trees, Dearborn, Michigan

A Pair of Trees, Dearborn, Michigan, 1995, $2,000.00


There is now a message board set up for people who are interested in the photography of Michael Kenna. It is part of the Catharton.com directory and the URL is http://www.catharton.net/cgi-local/artists/YaBB.cgi?board=michaelkenna.