Charles Kruvand, Trinity River at Flood Stage

Charles Kruvand

Trinity River at Flood Stage, near Fairfield

It was early spring and bright green leaves were just emerging. It was a visually stunning time of the year in the river bottoms of East Texas and yet I was struggling to find images. Heavy local rains had caused flooding. Mud and muck were everywhere, except here, standing on a pile of household debris under a bridge while small waves of water undulated at my feet.

The Trinity River gets so little respect. There is not a single state park on the river. The only parks are mere afterthoughts along the shores of several man-made reservoirs that the Trinity flows through. There is an undeveloped state park, Davis Hill, located in the wildest part of the lower Trinity. Perhaps when the state opens Davis Hill, the Trinity will be noticed and appreciated as more than a sewage pipe for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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