Walter W. Nelson

Walter W. Nelson has been with the Afterimage Gallery for many years. He is a self-taught artist who, besides photography, also works in the mediums of painting and sculpture. He was born (1942) and raised in Texas and has maintained studios in Houston, Dallas, New York and, currently, Santa Fe. Mr. Nelson's work has been seen in many shows and is in a large number of collections. In addition to the United States, he has photographed in South America, Mexico, Canada and Australia. He generally uses an 8 x 10 view camera and is best known for his still life photographs created with a combination of painting, sculpture and flowers. He also photographs landscapes, nudes and architecture.

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The five color photographs below are extraordinary Iris prints on heavy drawing paper, approximately 22 x 18 inches in size, priced at $750.00 apiece in an edition of 100.

It All Happened in a Flood
It All Happened
in a Flood, 1998

Calla Lily
Calla Lily, 1981
Tulips, 1983
Anthurium, 1983
Sweet Peas/Pincushion
Sweet Pea/
Pincushion, 1983
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The five black and white photographs below are delicate platinum prints, matted to 16 x 20 inches and priced at $565.00 apiece in an edition of 25. The Calla Lily is $1,000.00 because the edition is almost sold out.
Los Luceros Mission
Los Luceros Mission,
New Mexico, 1995
6 x 9 inches
San Ildefonso Mission
San Ildefonso Mission,
New Mexico, 1983
7 x 8 inches
Red Hot Poker
Red Hot Poker, 1983
6 x 5 inches
Calla Lily
Calla Lily, 1981
9 x 7 inches
Moving to the Light
Moving to the Light, 1983
4 x 7 inches