Walter W. Nelson: Fleur

In the 1980s, Walter Nelson produced a dazzling portfolio of dye transfer color prints of flower still lifes. It was called Fleur, and it quickly sold out. He used an 8 x 10 view camera, and he painted his own backgrounds. To our knowledge, no one had ever made such flower photographs.

Recently he has made Iris prints of the images, and they retain the beauty of the originals at a lower price. Each print is limited to 100 copies. They come in two sizes, approximately 22 x 16 inches for $750.00 and approximately 40 x 30 inches for $2,000.00. He now has a new smaller version with an image size of 10 x 7 inches, that sells for only $250.00 per print. (Please add $50.00 for matting and shippng.)

Calla Lilies
Calla Lilies, New York, 1981
Sunflowers, Santa Fe, 1981
Red Hot Pokers
Red Hot Pokers, Santa Fe, 1981
California Poppies
California Poppies, Santa Fe, 1982
Sweetpea and Pin Cushion
Sweetpea and Pin Cushion, Dallas, 1983
Dutch Iris
Dutch Iris, Santa Fe, 1982
Allium and Anthurium
Allium and Anthurium, Dallas, 1983
Tulips, New York-Dallas, 1983
Rose and Orchid
Rose and Orchid, Dallas, 1983
Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise + Greek Dendron, Dallas, 1982

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