David J. Osborn

We are pleased to present the first major showing (Spring of 1999) the beautiful imagery of English photographer David J. Osborn. Photographing in England, Scotland and Wales, he works with a view camera and black and white film. Using a computer, he gives his photographs their unusual gold coloring and has them printed on color paper. He began photographing over 25 years ago, spending much of that time as a photo-journalist working for Reuters. He began commercial work in Sydney, Australia in 1990. Mr. Osborn was born in 1961 and raised in London, where is now resides.

All of his images are 11 x 13 inches in size, LightJet printed on to 16 x 18 inch Fujicolor paper. All come matted to 18 x 22 inches. His editions are limited to 50 copies. Prices begin at $430.00 ($30.00 is for the matting) and increase as the editions sell out.

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them.)

Broadway Tower
Broadway Tower,
Worcester, England, 1996
Tintern Abbey
Tintern Abbey,
Wales, 1996
Eilean Donan Castle
Eilean Donan Castle,
Scotland, 1996
 Stokesay Castle
Stokesay Castle,
Shropshire, England, 1996
Castle Coombe Village
Castle Coombe Village,
Wiltshire, England, 1996
Owlpen Manor
Owlpen Manor,
Gloucestershire, England, 1996
Edensor Village
Edensor Village,
Peak District, England, 1996
Bamburgh Castle
Bamburgh Castle,
Northumberland, England, 1996
Bowersmans Nose
Bowersmans Nose,
Devon, England, 1996
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel,
Saeson, Wales, 1996
Sheep Pens
Sheep Pens,
Ogwen Valley, Wales, 1996
Castle Howard
Castle Howard,
Yorkshire, England, 1996
Border Country
Border Country,
Herefordshire, England, 1996
Isle of Skye, Scotland, 1996
Roche's Rock
Roche's Rock (Hermits Chapel),
Cornwall, England, 1996

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