Intimate Landscapes Portfolio
by Eliot Porter

This portfolio was published by Daniel Wolf Press in 1979. It consists of 10 dye transfer prints, images that were selected from Eliot Porter's major show at the time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The portfolio was published in an edition of 250, and we are selling prints from #86. The prints were made by Berkey K & L in New York and signed by Dr. Porter (1901-1990). Print sizes are 13 x 10 inches, mounted on 23 x 17 inch ragboard. Find individual prices below.

These prints are absolutely beautiful, very difficult to find for sale individually and are extraordinarily priced for being by such a well known photographer.

Most all these prints on this page and the next have been sold out of inventory; however,
some of these prints can still be tracked down (prices may vary).

Eliot Porter, Colorful trees
Colorful trees. Newfound Gap Road,
Great Smoky Mountains National Park,
Tennesee. October, 1967 ($3,500.00)
Eliot Porter, Trunks of maple and birch with oak leaves
Trunks of maple and birch with oak leaves,
Passaconaway Road,
New Hampshire. October 7, 1956 ($3,000.00)
Eliot Porter, Redbud trees in bottomland
Redbud trees in bottomland,
Near Red River Gorge
Kentucky. April 17, 1968 ($4,500.00)
Eliot Porter, Shadbush
Shadbush. Near Hillsborough,
New Hampshire. April 28, 1957 ($2,500.00)
Eliot Porter, Frostbitten Apples
Frostbitten apples, Tesuque,
New Mexico. November 21, 1966 ($3,500.00)
Eliot Porter, Foxtail grass
Foxtail grass,
Lake City, Colorado. August, 1957 ($3,000.00)

Eliot Porter, Stones and cracked mud
Stones and cracked mud. Black Place,
New Mexico. June 9, 1977 ($2,000.00)
Eliot Porter, Rock-eroded stream bed
Rock-eroded stream bed. Coyote Gulch,
Utah. August 14, 1971 ($2,000.00)
Eliot Porter, Columbine leaves
Columbine leaves. Great Spruce Head
Island, Maine. July 27, 1974 ($2,500.00)
Eliot Porter, River edge at sunset
River edge at sunset. Below Piute Rapids,
San Juan River, Colorado. May 24, 1962 ($1,500.00)