Welcome to the Afterimage Gallery website. We are located in Dallas, Texas and are one of the oldest art galleries in the world devoted to photography. This is our 45th year of operation. We provide a large variety of photography at a wide range of prices.


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Joyce Tenneson, Glowing Tree
Joyce Tenneson: Glowing Tree

Trees and the Alchemy of Life

Andre Kertesz, Circus, Budapest
André Kertész: Circus, Budapest, 1920
A Variety of Photographs
Michael Kenna, Dark Waters
Michael Kenna: Dark Waters, Tsuda, Japan, 2001
Michael Kenna: Special Prices for Japan Images
Christopher Burkett, Glowing Autumn Forest
Christopher Burkett: Glowing Autumn Forest
Specially Priced Prints: Collectible Photographs Priced Below Market

Michael Massaia
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Barbara Morgan
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For the last few decades, photography has been discovered by many collectors, museums and corporations. It's an art medium available at many price levels and represents an outstanding art investment.

For those new to this site, the left-hand picture above connects you with photographers who we mostly directly represent (many of these prints are not in the gallery but can be ordered). The right-hand link goes to a page of prints that are more difficult to find, often by photographers who have passed on (some of these prints may have sold and not yet taken off the page). Also, we are one of the few photographic gallery sites that publishes prices, with a few exceptions and subject to change. Please let us know of any questions or concerns via phone (214-871-9140) or email.

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We have moved!

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Gallery Interior as of May 25, 2016
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