Yousef Khanfar

The Landscape Poet

Yousef Khanfar has created a impressive body of landscape photographs made at locations throughout the earth. He has been in a number of shows worldwide and published in various magazines, including Oprah, Photo Art International, Amateur Photographer and Outdoor Photographer. He is a regular instructor at the photographer Bruce Barnbaum’s workshop in Washington State.

Mr. Khanfar was born (1956) and raised in Kuwait, after his refugee parents had to flee their native country of Palestine. His first involvement with photography was at a young age, and it grew into a lifelong passion. He has now widely traveled, promoting, through his view camera, an uplifting vision of peace and humanity, for while growing up in Kuwait, he had been continually exposed to images of violence and conflict.

Recently his work was included, along with 37 other people, in the book The World’s Top Photographers: Landscape, published by Rotovision in London. In 2000, he published his first book, Voices of Light. His latest book is In Search of Peace, which features an opening endorsement by the late Gordon Parks.

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Yousef Khanfar, Tango
Yousef Khanfar, Genesis
Yousef Khanfar, In Searchof Peace
In Search of Peace
Yousef Khanfar, Madness
Yousef Khanfar, Stillness
Yousef Khanfar, Ahimsa
Yousef Khanfar, Frozen Mask
Frozen Mask
Yousef Khanfar, Frozen Light
Frozen Light
Yousef Khanfar, Transcendent
Yousef Khanfar, Manifestation

In Search of Peace book cover In Search of Peace
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