Walter W. Nelson

Ribbons of Time: the Dalquest Research Site

This is our latest exhibit of the photography of Walter W. Nelson. He spent much of 2004 capturing the unique beauty of the Dalquest Research Site. Itís an area owned by Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas for the purposes of scientific research. Located just 20 miles north of the Mexican border in the Chihuahuan desert, it may be the most spectacular canyon of Texas' Big Bend region. For Mr. Nelson, the only way in and out of the rugged area was via a pack mule. The canyon has been described as ďa jewel in the desertĒ and ďa naturalistís dream.Ē Itís full of varying land formations, color and steep walls and is virtually pristine due to being so rugged. Mr. Nelson worked there during periods of all four seasons.

Mr. Nelson (born 1942) has been in several shows in the gallery over the years, and his photographs have been seen in exhibits around the country. He lives in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Walter W. Nelson produces digital prints of varying sizes.
The available image sizes are 11 x 16: $600.00, 14 x 18: $700.00,
12 x 22: $900.00, 16 x 20: $900.00 and large 20 x 47: $1,800.00.
Editions are limited to 25 prints.

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them.)

Walter Nelson, Red Canyon at Sunrise
Red Canyon at Sunrise
Walter Nelson, Slot Canyons off Red Canyon
Slot Canyons off Red Canyon
Walter Nelson, Trail to Devil's Graveyard
Trail into Devil's Graveyard
Walter Nelson, Dalquest Peak Beyond Rim
Dalquest Peak Beyond Rim
Walter Nelson, View Northeast from Dalquest Peak
View from Dalquest Peak
Walter Nelson, Black Rock Basin
Black Rock Basin
Walter Nelson, Wedge Viewed through Cathedral Arch
Wedge through Cathedral Arch
Walter Nelson, Basalt Lava Flow with Rim-lit Tuff
Basalt Lava Flow and Tuff
Walter Nelson, Water Weeping Ferns
Water Weeping Ferns
Walter Nelson, Ocotillo, Lechugilla, Prickly Pear
Ocotillo, Lechugilla
Walter Nelson, Hoodoo
Walter Nelson, Chisos Mountains Beyond Volcanic Hills
Chisos Mountains beyond Hills

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