Walter W. Nelson

Ribbons of Time: the Dalquest Research Site, Page Two

Walter W. Nelson produces digital prints of varying sizes.
The available image sizes are 11 x 16: $600.00, 14 x 18: $700.00,
12 x 22: $900.00, 16 x 20: $900.00 and large 20 x 47: $1,800.00.
Editions are limited to 25 prints.

(Click your mouse on the images below to enlarge them.)

Walter Nelson, Chihuahuan Desert Skies
Chihuahuan Desert Skies
Walter Nelson, Rose-tinted Sediments below Hoodoo
Rose-tinted Sediments
Walter Nelson, Sunrise across the Canyon from Dalquest Peak
Sunrise across the Canyon
Walter Nelson, Giant Wedge at Sunrise
Giant Wedge at Sunrise
Walter Nelson, Prairie Stickleaf
Prairie Stickleaf
Walter Nelson, Yucca Generation
Yucca Generation
Walter Nelson, Frosted Yucca
Frosted Yucca
Walter Nelson, Frosted Catclaw
Frosted Catclaw
Walter Nelson, Reflections in Red Canyon
Reflections in Red Canyon
Walter Nelson, Mineral Combo
Mineral Combo
Walter Nelson, Alamo Springs
Alamo Springs
Walter Nelson, View Northeast across Devil's Graveyard
View Northeast across Devil's Graveyard
Walter Nelson, View Southeast across Devil's Graveyard
View Southeast across Devil's Graveyard

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